Soundwave promotor AJ Maddah has confirmed via his Twitter account that, as well as doing a set of their own songs, emo indie rockers from New Jersey ‘Saves The Day’ will be performing Pinkerton in full at Soundwave 2012.

Saves the Day were strong on the radars of many Aussie Weezer fans when AJ mentioned earlier this year that there would be an hour of Weezer played at Soundwave Revolution this year (a festival that ended up being cancelled). Although never officially announced for the now-defunct Revolution, rumours were rife seeing as Chris Conley and co performed Pinkerton in full last year at The Hoodwink festival in NJ. Turns out we were right and luckily for us, they were moved up to Soundwave 2012!

Once again, Weezer themselves have been discounted from the lineup of Soundwave 2012, and with the lineup of next year’s Big Day Out being announced today, I’m sure it’s only a matter of hours before we’re disappointed on that front too. Ahh, the life of an Aussie Weezer fan! 


I am not even joking, I booked my cabin last night. From the looks of the forums and twitter, there will be more than just a few Aussies on this cruise. With 6 months to go, should we all get together and begin our plans to take over the boat and steer it to Australian shores?

Yesterday Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah made a very interesting tweet regarding Weezer and Soundwave Revolution, his new festival that will take place in September and October this year. It read as the following:

@iamnotshouting Bad news: I’ve now given up on @riverscuomo ever coming back to Aus. Good News: We’re still going to have an hour of Weezer #swREVOLUTION

A resulting article on FasterLouder is rife with theories on what this could mean, most popular (and likely) being that there will be a Weezer cover band added to the line up. Other possibilities are that another band (or bands) on the lineup will perform Weezer songs as well as their own, or that the rest of Weezer will grace us with their presence, sans Mr. Cuomo.

Personally, the only one of these possibilities that will get me to fork over $130+ for the ticket would be to see 3/4 of the real band.

What do you guys think of this still unraveling revelation?

An interview with Brian and some footage from Livid Festival 1996.

Brian Bell, you are too adorable.


This is what Melbourne street press magazine, Beat, puts in their ‘tour rumour’ section pretty much every other week. Quite frankly, I’d like a sample of whatever they be smoking.

I have to admit, I wouldn’t be too keen to come back to Australia after an interview like this one (be warned, it’s exceptionally cringe-worthy):

Granted, Rivers wasn’t the being the easiest chap to interview either. Then again, I don’t blame him after being introduced as ‘RIVAH WEEZAH!’. Nice work, Dylan Lewis.

Rivers, if you ever read this please know the following:

  • Recovery has not been in existance since the turn of the century,
  • I don’t think I’ve heard Dylan’s name be mentioned since he won ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2002,
  • It appears that Dylan may be a host of the radio station Nova in Melbourne, so if you just steer clear of any publicity committments there, you’ll be fine; and
  • Dylan Lewis is not a good representation of the average Australian person. Please don’t let him stop you from ever coming back. I’m sure he’s even changed a little since 1996! He probably even knows what your name is now.

Sometime around the end of last year, a large number of media outlets caught wind of a tongue-in-cheek petition making the rounds online which wanted to raise $10million dollars in order to offer it to Weezer so that they would break up. To the uneducated person, one would consider this a pretty sweet deal, right? But of course, it was all a joke and after receiving way too much serious feedback regarding it, the organiser closed it down.

Australian radio station Triple J brought up the petition in an interview with Rivers, which he got tired of talking about rather quickly, ending it with ‘I dunno man, this is not really my favourite subject’. Touche.

Had this offer been a serious one, perhaps the organiser should have crunched his numbers a little better. When Weezer turned down a spot in the Soundwave Revolution line-up this year, the promoter said this on twitter:

He actually stated how much he offered after this, but it appears he deleted that tweet which I can’t blame him for because it wasn’t all that a professional thing to do (I think he was just letting off steam at the time). I will say, however, that it WAS less than $10mil, but was certainly still in the millions. Taking this into consideration, if this band is always offered $1mil+ for 5 festival performances, I’m sure Rivers scoffed at a measly $10mil to never play again. I would love to know, though, if this kind of money is what they always ask for, or if it’s just the lengths that promoters in Australia have to go to in order to try to coax them over the pond.

Funnily enough, in the same interview with Triple J the hosts asked about plans to come to Australia, and Rivers says they ‘keep trying to get over there.. maybe next year’. ORLY, Rivers?? I don’t believe you at all.