Reasons Why Weezer Probably Won’t Tour Australia: Part 4

October 29, 2011

I know I know, sensible theories are kind of boring. But here’s one that makes a whole lotta sense.

A lovely reader sent me an email a few weeks back (I was out having drinks after work, saw it come up and shoved it up to my boyfriends face screaming “LOOK, AN EMAIL ABOUT MY BLOG! LOOOOOK MY FIRST EMAIL ABOUT MY BLOGGGGG!”). In the email she included this theory that kind of made me go “Aw shucks, that’s pretty darn obvious – why hadn’t I thought of that?”. I think I’m too busy trying to find (or make up) some juicy gossip that is the key to Weezer’s supposed disdain for our fair country.

Maybe – just maybe – Weezer are reluctant to come back to Australia because 3/4 of them are married with children. As such, perhaps they don’t want to be apart from their wives/kids for as long as it would take to complete a tour here.

See? Told you it was sensible. And it’s probably true. If you look back at Weezer’s tour schedule for the last 12 months, it has primarily been festivals here and there – nothing that’s kept them away from their homes too long. The problem with touring Australia –  either with a festival or a tour of their own – they’re going to be away from their family for at least 2 weeks generally. The only way to really combat this is for them to commit to a 2 or 3 gig east cost tour which would take no more than a week, and maybe no promoter here has presented such an idea to them.

It’s hard for me to rag on them about this – it’s fair enough. Sure, it’s easy for us to say “Just bring the families over! No biggie!” but just imagine the inflation of costs that that’s going to put on a promoter. It’s a difficult one. Maybe we should just keep our fingers crossed that we might see a tour after the kids grow up a little. I can bet the guys will be begging for a couple of weeks away once the teenage years begin.


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