Saves The Day Save Australia from Weezer Drought

September 29, 2011

Soundwave promotor AJ Maddah has confirmed via his Twitter account that, as well as doing a set of their own songs, emo indie rockers from New Jersey ‘Saves The Day’ will be performing Pinkerton in full at Soundwave 2012.

Saves the Day were strong on the radars of many Aussie Weezer fans when AJ mentioned earlier this year that there would be an hour of Weezer played at Soundwave Revolution this year (a festival that ended up being cancelled). Although never officially announced for the now-defunct Revolution, rumours were rife seeing as Chris Conley and co performed Pinkerton in full last year at The Hoodwink festival in NJ. Turns out we were right and luckily for us, they were moved up to Soundwave 2012!

Once again, Weezer themselves have been discounted from the lineup of Soundwave 2012, and with the lineup of next year’s Big Day Out being announced today, I’m sure it’s only a matter of hours before we’re disappointed on that front too. Ahh, the life of an Aussie Weezer fan! 


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