Reasons Why Weezer Probably Won’t Tour Australia: Part Two

July 26, 2011

Because we eat the animals on our national emblem.

Adorable illustration by Melissa T. Liban

I expect that most of you playing at home are aware of the fact that half of Weezer’s current line-up are herbivores: Rivers is a vegetarian, while Brian is a vegan. Their riders for shows always request a vegan meal option, as well as other veggie-friendly noms such as a vegetarian soup or chilli.

Maybe our fair shores weren’t able to adequately meet their requirements when they came 15 years ago for Livid. I can’t imagine Australia had the most amazing selection of vegetarian and vegan options back then. I’m thinking bland tofu dishes, veggie sausages that taste similar to feet and a whole bunch of unappetising salad sandwiches.

IF they ever did decide to return, they would be happy to find that our veggie cuisine has vastly improved since the late ’90s, not only in quality but in accessibility. You’d be hard pressed to find a restaurant that doesn’t provide a vegetarian option, and who wouldn’t be willing to throw together something that’s vegan. Heck, just come to Melbourne and have anything from Lord of the Fries and you’ll never want to leave (if any of you haven’t been there, GO NOW. Then thank me later). Here is a rather large – but definitely not exhaustive – list of restaurants, cafes and stores that have been given the veggie-head tick of approval by Happy Cow.

And don’t forget that our beloved Vegemite is vegetarian, too!


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