An Hour of Weezer at Soundwave Rev – But No Rivers. Huh?

July 19, 2011

Yesterday Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah made a very interesting tweet regarding Weezer and Soundwave Revolution, his new festival that will take place in September and October this year. It read as the following:

@iamnotshouting Bad news: I’ve now given up on @riverscuomo ever coming back to Aus. Good News: We’re still going to have an hour of Weezer #swREVOLUTION

A resulting article on FasterLouder is rife with theories on what this could mean, most popular (and likely) being that there will be a Weezer cover band added to the line up. Other possibilities are that another band (or bands) on the lineup will perform Weezer songs as well as their own, or that the rest of Weezer will grace us with their presence, sans Mr. Cuomo.

Personally, the only one of these possibilities that will get me to fork over $130+ for the ticket would be to see 3/4 of the real band.

What do you guys think of this still unraveling revelation?


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