Cry More, Canada.

July 4, 2011

Apparently Weezer played in Montreal last night. Apparently Weezer didn’t play an encore. Apparently angry, stompy tweets ensued.

(Usernames not concealed so you can personally go and tell each of these people what a giant entitled piece of poop they are).

What I especially loved about this incident was the fact that the person who runs the official Weezer twitter (Karl I am guessing?) felt they needed to EXPLAIN the lack of encore to the pouting rabble. I personally would have told them to sit the fuck down and enjoy what they’ve just experienced rather than expect more. We never get a (reasonable) explanation for why Weezer don’t come to Australia, let alone play an extra few songs.

I was going to actually dedicate more time to this post by lurking the hell out of and working out exactly how many times Weezer has toured Canada and include the stat in this post. Alas, Weezerpedia is currently down for maintenance. But we all know it’s more than ONE MEASLY FUCKING TIME.

Also, hi to the lovely people that found my via my unexpected retweet by the Weezer account earlier today. Ohhh, if only they knew what they have done… 😀


One Response to “Cry More, Canada.”

  1. renthepen said

    Hey. I went to that show in Montreal. I was there to see what happened. It was such a great show. The second best since the Montreal Pinkerton show back in 96. Then there was the unforgettable blue album shows in 94/95 and even the Make believe era show in 2005 that were amazing. I live in Montreal and I must say that I am very disappointed by the fact that the maladroit era show wasn’t that great… and by the fact that we didn’t get any red album era show, nor a yahoo outloud green era show, and not even a Hurley era show! How can it be possible? Weezer must really hate Montreal!


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