Because we eat the animals on our national emblem.

Adorable illustration by Melissa T. Liban

I expect that most of you playing at home are aware of the fact that half of Weezer’s current line-up are herbivores: Rivers is a vegetarian, while Brian is a vegan. Their riders for shows always request a vegan meal option, as well as other veggie-friendly noms such as a vegetarian soup or chilli.

Maybe our fair shores weren’t able to adequately meet their requirements when they came 15 years ago for Livid. I can’t imagine Australia had the most amazing selection of vegetarian and vegan options back then. I’m thinking bland tofu dishes, veggie sausages that taste similar to feet and a whole bunch of unappetising salad sandwiches.

IF they ever did decide to return, they would be happy to find that our veggie cuisine has vastly improved since the late ’90s, not only in quality but in accessibility. You’d be hard pressed to find a restaurant that doesn’t provide a vegetarian option, and who wouldn’t be willing to throw together something that’s vegan. Heck, just come to Melbourne and have anything from Lord of the Fries and you’ll never want to leave (if any of you haven’t been there, GO NOW. Then thank me later). Here is a rather large – but definitely not exhaustive – list of restaurants, cafes and stores that have been given the veggie-head tick of approval by Happy Cow.

And don’t forget that our beloved Vegemite is vegetarian, too!


I am not even joking, I booked my cabin last night. From the looks of the forums and twitter, there will be more than just a few Aussies on this cruise. With 6 months to go, should we all get together and begin our plans to take over the boat and steer it to Australian shores?

Yesterday Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah made a very interesting tweet regarding Weezer and Soundwave Revolution, his new festival that will take place in September and October this year. It read as the following:

@iamnotshouting Bad news: I’ve now given up on @riverscuomo ever coming back to Aus. Good News: We’re still going to have an hour of Weezer #swREVOLUTION

A resulting article on FasterLouder is rife with theories on what this could mean, most popular (and likely) being that there will be a Weezer cover band added to the line up. Other possibilities are that another band (or bands) on the lineup will perform Weezer songs as well as their own, or that the rest of Weezer will grace us with their presence, sans Mr. Cuomo.

Personally, the only one of these possibilities that will get me to fork over $130+ for the ticket would be to see 3/4 of the real band.

What do you guys think of this still unraveling revelation?

Last time Weezer toured Australia: Silverchair hadn’t even yet released Freak Show, they were still in high school, and they still looked like this:

Incidentally, Silverchair were also on the lineup for Livid Fest the year that Weezer played.

Do you feel old yet?

Cry More, Canada.

July 4, 2011

Apparently Weezer played in Montreal last night. Apparently Weezer didn’t play an encore. Apparently angry, stompy tweets ensued.

(Usernames not concealed so you can personally go and tell each of these people what a giant entitled piece of poop they are).

What I especially loved about this incident was the fact that the person who runs the official Weezer twitter (Karl I am guessing?) felt they needed to EXPLAIN the lack of encore to the pouting rabble. I personally would have told them to sit the fuck down and enjoy what they’ve just experienced rather than expect more. We never get a (reasonable) explanation for why Weezer don’t come to Australia, let alone play an extra few songs.

I was going to actually dedicate more time to this post by lurking the hell out of and working out exactly how many times Weezer has toured Canada and include the stat in this post. Alas, Weezerpedia is currently down for maintenance. But we all know it’s more than ONE MEASLY FUCKING TIME.

Also, hi to the lovely people that found my via my unexpected retweet by the Weezer account earlier today. Ohhh, if only they knew what they have done… 😀