More Baseless Speculation: Michael Coppel or Bust?

June 17, 2011

I know, I know. This website has only been in existence for all of about a month and I’m already clutching at straws. If some of you lurkers out there would EMAIL ME or COMMENT with some of your own ideas, maybe I wouldn’t have to go to lengths like this.

So here’s my most recent completely baseless, more-than-likely absolutely false thought that has risen from the depths of the mush I call my brain.

Will Weezer only tour Australia again if they’re brought out by promoting giant Michael Coppel?

 Originally when I came up with this idea, it was actually the opposite way around – that they’d had such a bad experience with Michael Coppel Presents that it had put a bad taste in their mouth and they didn’t want to risk it with any other Aussie promoters. But after a little research, I think it could be that they would commit to tour Australia again, but only with Coppel.

After a little Google sesh, I worked out that Michael Coppel was the promoter behind the now defunct Livid Festival which brought out Weezer to Oz originally. A few years after Livid stopped happening, Michael Coppel Presents bought the Australian rights to the V Festival. This little factoid made a little lightbulb flicker in my brain.

I remember hearing from a punter at Soundwave back in 2009 or 2010 I believe (yeah yeah, a very reliable source, I know), saying that the V Festival had bought the rights to bring out Weezer to Australia the previous year, but then hadn’t included them on the final line-up. I don’t want to even pretend I understand how the whole promoting business works, but this doesn’t sound too far-fetched.  Surely though, once the agreement didn’t go ahead, wouldn’t that have allowed other promoters the chance to put in a new offer? Or perhaps it was too late once V Fest fell through for them. Who knows.

Anyway, my long-winded point is: if Weezer have signed on twice with Coppel in the past, maybe the problem is that Coppel hasn’t asked them down to Australia since then. The promoter of Soundwave, AJ Maddah, has tried to get them out here dozens of times and they have declined, so it seems as though they have a preference of promoter. This is all based on whether the V Fest rumour I heard from some random dude at Soundwave was true, of course. But let’s just go with it.

So, what do we do with this? Perhaps harrass Michael Coppel Presents here, here and here telling them how much we want Weezer to come back to Australia. Go forth and annoy!


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