A Matter of Disdain, or Just a Matter of Distance?

June 6, 2011

Hey guys, you’ll never guess what!! Weezer is playing in Japan this July! Crazy, right????

(Insert world’s biggest eyeroll here)

Okay, enough of the ridiculous hypothesizing of reasons why Weezer won’t come to Australia (just for the next few minutes, anyway). I do understand that Australia’s not the shortest plane ride away in the world, and I do believe the travel factor plays a large part in Weezer not touring Australia for the past 15 years.

A non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Sydney is just under 15 hours. Kind of a drag, I know. But honestly, a flight to Tokyo is barely a couple of hours less than that. It’s one extra movie to watch on the plane, or a few episodes of Glee or something. If you’ve already gone 12 hours, what’s a few more? Well, I can tell you what it is – it’s making a whole bunch of deprived Aussie Weezer fans fucking happy is what it is!

Or how about this – take your trip to Japan (because we know you will anyway), then we’re only a 7 or 8 hour flight away. A walk in the park, basically!

Come on, we know you want to! Well, we know you don’t want to, but you could at least suck it up and do it anyway – for us – right??

Yeah, I thought not.


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