Is This All Your Fault, Dylan Lewis??

May 23, 2011

I have to admit, I wouldn’t be too keen to come back to Australia after an interview like this one (be warned, it’s exceptionally cringe-worthy):

Granted, Rivers wasn’t the being the easiest chap to interview either. Then again, I don’t blame him after being introduced as ‘RIVAH WEEZAH!’. Nice work, Dylan Lewis.

Rivers, if you ever read this please know the following:

  • Recovery has not been in existance since the turn of the century,
  • I don’t think I’ve heard Dylan’s name be mentioned since he won ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2002,
  • It appears that Dylan may be a host of the radio station Nova in Melbourne, so if you just steer clear of any publicity committments there, you’ll be fine; and
  • Dylan Lewis is not a good representation of the average Australian person. Please don’t let him stop you from ever coming back. I’m sure he’s even changed a little since 1996! He probably even knows what your name is now.

One Response to “Is This All Your Fault, Dylan Lewis??”

  1. Natasha said

    Terrible. I can’t even stand to watch the whole thing.
    Why, Dylan? Why?

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